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Tcare4UGone are the days when Indian on the other side of the phone meant call centre executive Janeshwar Mishra faking as Jon. The first wave of development post liberalization got India much needed dollars. And those dollars whetted the appetite for success. In the beginning success stories were few and far in between mostly about Information Technology and Enabled Services.

In the second wave iconic brands like Jaguar and Land Rover were taken over by Indian company and India became one of the biggest auto markets. Nano hit headlines globally. Obama is followed by every nation head that mattered on the high table. India is rising without any doubt.

One sector which is silently moving skywards in India is the healthcare. The value of medical tourism would be $ 2 billion a year by 2012 according to some estimates. The industry is growing at a rate of 30%. India provides world class services at unbeatable prices.

What Wikipedia has to say: "The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass surgery, eye surgery and orthopaedic surgery." Here are some comparisons:

Heart surgery costs $8000 in India as against $30000 in the US
Bone Marrow transplant cost $69000 in India as compared to $250000 in the US TCare4U is dedicated to ensure India's upward motion in the next decade.

TCare4U is a healthcare portal that specializes in the cardiac healthcare. It ensures that members get latest information and all sorts of assistance that makes a patient's experience least painful.

The brightest in the trade provide free advice to TCare4Us patients. TCare4U has a large number of experts from medical fraternity on its panel. You can seek advice from us anytime you wish. TCare4U provides free advices to the patients. We start from diagnosing the disease to planning the treatment. The portal also provides cost analysis to its patients.

TCare4U aims to bring the best heart care facilities for the patients.

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 Free consultancy by a cardiologist on arrival in india?

 Tcare4U is no.1 Portal in Medical Tourism

  TCare4U has a large number of experts from medical fraternity on its panel.

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